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Blog Post: The Dating Game

Updated: Sep 15, 2022

Dating and relationship journeys can be tough, and it's only getting tougher! It seems like most people involved in this journey are continuing to struggle as they attempt to power through an obstacle course in life called dating. If this happens to be you, then I'm here to tell you that there's hope! No matter what age, gender, ethnicity, or religion, everyone is capable of not only falling in love, but retaining healthy relationships for years to come.

Drawing from the experiences of friends, family, and strangers, I've learned that most people have similar journey's, and I think it's time to start sharing these experiences to singles (and couples) to help build strategies on how to ultimately accomplish "The Dating Game". The Dating Game blog is an open forum for people like YOU to talk about your personal experiences and learn strategies to help guide you and other readers when it comes to dating and building relationships. This is also an open forum for readers to vent to myself and others about what's going on in their own love life. This is a no judgement zone, so be open and honest. You're not alone!

Some people may argue that dating isn't a game, but in all seriousness, it is. The question becomes whether or not you're playing it the right way. If not, no worries! I'll point out all the tools that will hopefully help you navigate through your own relationship/dating journey. The rules of the dating game are simple....and before you know it, you'll be dating like a pro. Stay tuned, because the game has just begun.

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