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Blog Post: The Johnny Bravo

Ever heard of the term, nice guys finish last? if not, it basically means that being a generous and thoughtful human being (especially as a man) eliminates your chances of reaching the top of the totem pole due to the "bad guy" always finding a faster and sneakier way of making it first. In the dating world, it means that the bad boy always gets the dream girl, simply because they're "bad". But why is it that social media and entertainment tend to glorify the bad boy persona? Well, the truth is that bad boys give off a mysterious and cool characteristic that women are initially attracted to. But in reality, the bad boys never win when it comes to gaining successful relationships.

Some girls go through a phase where they only like to date bad boys. Now, I know what you're thinking, why would any woman want to deal with someone who basically treats them like dirt? Well..what society calls a "bad boy" is what I call, a "Johnny Bravo." The Johnny Bravo is the type that's way too into his looks, hops from woman to woman, and waits 10 hours to respond to a good morning text. In other words... a f**k boy. We've all watched Johnny Bravo on Cartoon Network as a kid, and there's one tiny detail that our 6 year old minds picked up on in every episode....he never got the girl. It's funny how we didn't have to be adults to understand this component of the hit children's TV show. For those of you who may not be familiar, Johny Bravo was this hansome, muscular man with a brain the size of a pea and a personality that was quite flirty at first, but eventually angered women he tried to pursue. Little boys wanted to be him and little girls wanted to date him. The ironic part about this is that many of us have dated Johnny Bravo's as teens and adults, but didnt pick up on the signs that Cartoon Network tried warning us about as kids.

Growing older I started to realize that my friends and family members were getting stuck with Johnny Bravo's and failed to understand that this was preventing them from obtaining a great relationship. Sure, attractive looks and "coolness" are okay at first, but it's not what makes a relationship loving and successful. What's even more attractive is when a guy is courteous, caring, and vulnerable. If anything, looks just help. What most women and men need to remember is that beauty fades, but personality sticks around much longer. So I applaud all of the nice guys out there who are not afraid to just be nice and don't let social media dictate what's "cool" and what's not when it comes to dating other women. Being a jerk won't get you anywhere when it comes to developing romantic relationships, and although the goal is to avoid a Johnny Bravo in the future, we can at least thank the creators of one of the most entertaining kids TV shows of all time for showing us that.

-Autumn C.

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