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Right Person, Wrong Timing

The best part about finding someone that you actually like, is the part when you know there's a genuine connection there. The worst part is constantly second guessing if now is the right time to jump into a relationship.

It's kinda funny when you think about it. People who are looking for a relationship don't always seem to find someone in that moment in time. But when the right one finally comes along, suddenly it's inconvenient. Some people might think to themselves, "what's wrong with me? One day I want something that I've always been looking for, and now I want something else!" Well I'm here to tell you that there's absolutely nothing wrong with questioning whether now is the time to settle in a committed relationship.

Sometimes our lives head in directions we may not expect whether it's a new job, new home, or new hobbies. These days people seem busier than ever, and splitting time here and there can become difficult. Relationships take a lot of time and effort, so it makes sense to re-consider whether now is the right time for you. The ultimate goal is to determine what's best for you in this moment. With that being said, don't overthink it too much. Overthinking can make you stressed out even more. If you feel being in a relationship is worth giving a shot, then go for it. Sometimes you can hinder yourself and your progress by not going after something that might actually be good for you. My advice is to take it day by day and think about what it is you truly want right now. Whether it's being in a committed relationship or taking time for yourself, there is no wrong answer.

-Autumn C.

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