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Blog Post: Try Again

There's nothing more admirable than a man or woman who doesn't give up. This can apply to many things like climbing the career ladder, attaining health and fitness goals, or mastering a new skill. But since this is a dating & relationship blog, the main focus here is the consistency towards pursuing who you want. Has there ever been someone in your life who had a major crush on you, but the feeling was never mutual? Or have you ever been that person who liked someone else that never really liked you back? Well I've definitely been there before. Having to reject someone is awkward beyond words. What's even worse is being the one who gets rejected. But hey, at least you tried... right?

The problem with not actively pursuing someone who catches your eye is that you'll never really know what could have been. Sure, you might be shooting your shot with someone completely "out of your league", but that's up for them to decide and for you to find out. This can be a huge insecurity that most people face; they're discouraged to approach someone because of that feeling that they're not good looking enough, rich enough, or popular enough. But even the most shocking and unimaginable relationships have formed right before our eyes, leaving most people thinking "how did they end up together??" This should teach us that the term "she's/he's out of your league" is 100% false. But I get where the anxiety stems from. It can be extremely nerve wracking approaching someone for the first time trying to spark up a conversation, especially when you've had a rough history of rejection. But having the guts to do that says a lot about your character, and may even be a reason why you land a date.

So here is my advice to people who have been rejected in the past.. TRY AGAIN! Let's get one thing straight though. Please don't turn out to be the creepy, stalker type. There is a very fine line between being persistent and being annoying. With that being said, it's important to learn how to read social cues and to know when enough is enough. But getting rejected is just a part of life. Think of the saying - when one door closes another one opens. Yes, this applies to dating & relationships as well! There is someone out there who will see your courage and persistence as admirable and even attractive, as long as you're going about it respectfully. Don't worry about others who WILL try to discourage you from going after who you want. As the late singer Aaliyah once said, "And if at first you don't succeed...then dust yourself off and try again."

-Autumn C.

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