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Blog Post: Rejection is Protection

Last week we discussed how much rejection sets us back, but the importance of trying to move forward as a result of being rejected. In a scenario where you have romantic feelings for another person and they don't have those same feelings for you back, it's easy to sit around and ask yourself, "why doesn't this person like me?! I'm a great catch!" Well of course you are! It definitely hurts your ego a little bit, but what if that rejection was a form of protection?

Before meeting my boyfriend who I've been with for many many many years, I was rejected by a few guys myself. I thought I would just die if I told a boy I had feelings for him and he didn't feel the same way. Well, like I said, that happened a few times. It hurt in the beginning, but if I could only tell my past-self that an amazing guy would come into my life in the next few years and that these other guys wouldn't do me any good, I would have saved myself a few tears.

It's easy to get wrapped up in our own thoughts whenever someone rejects us. Sometimes we think, "If I had just said this" or "Maybe if I would have done that" then we would end up with our long term crush. But we fail to recognize whether or not that rejection just saved us from an agonizing and stressful relationship. I've personally witnessed and experienced this myself and all I can say is, thank God! The person that we thought would bring that type of fairytale ending into our lives, would have brought the complete opposite, and we just got saved.

Instead of worrying about what might have been with one person, it's best to look forward and anticipate what could be in the future with someone else. Sometimes personalities just don't mesh well together, or certain interests and goals you might have don't align with the interests and goals of another, and that's OK! There is someone else out there who is a much better fit than who you thought. So if this happens again in the future, don't continue to inspect yourself for non-existent flaws, but accept the fact that someone better awaits.

-Autumn C.

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