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Blog Post: Chivalry is NOT Dead

Chivalry. The qualities of courage, justice, honor, and courtesy expected of the perfect knight. Most women dream of meeting and falling in love with their knight and shining armor, but unfortunately end up with the village fool. But why? Is it really that difficult for men to equip themselves with the basic desireable qualities that women expect from them?

Well...The answer is no. It's not that men aren't capable of being chivalrous, it's whether or not they choose to be. There's a difference. But women shouldn't allow this to be a choice. I'm all for female independence, but some men may argue that the reason chivalry is "dying" is because women are too independent and dont allow for men to prove their worthiness. We don't necessarily have to agree with this male perspective, but they do kind of have a point. If you're on a date and someone is trying to open a door for you, walk you to your car, or pull out your chair...let them! This doesn't mean that you can't do these things yourself. But remember, dating is meant for the purpose of someone trying to court YOU. So yes, sit back and relax like the queen you are and let him prove to you that chivalry is NOT dead.

-Autumn C.

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