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Blog Post: Can I Get Your Snapchat?

Social media has become one of the most popular ways for people to connect. It's simple, quick, and easy to navigate. But sometimes people prefer the old fashioned way of communicating, especially when getting to know someone on a deeper and more intimate level. I don't know about any of you, but when I was fishing in the dating pond and catching nothing but a bunch of frogs, there was one question I was constantly asked that I thought was a bit odd.... Can I get your snapchat?

Why snapchat? Why not just ask me for my phone number like a normal person? "This must be what single people do now" I thought to myself. Most of the time I just went along with it and said yes, but I quickly regretted that decision and soon found myself not only deleting but blocking half of the dudes I added on social media, especially snapchat. Most of you might be thinking that it's just social media, so what's the big deal with adding someone you just met for the first time? But there's a deeper intention behind most men asking women for their social media that doesn't always click right away with most people new to the dating world.

Snapchat is all about sending pictures. You can't communicate with anyone on the app unless you're posting/sending a photo, or responding to a photo that someone else sent you. So photo, no communication. Now let's be real, the problem with someone asking for your snapchat on the first night of meeting you is that most of the time, they just want to see if you're down to send them some risqué photos for the next..I don't know, 2-3 days before they officially stop talking to you. Don't fall for the sob stories they might try to sell like, "I just want to see how beautiful you look" or "I might not see you for a while, so might as well". Might as well what? If you're trying to develop a real connection with someone that you actually might be interested in, I would avoid sending the sexy photos right away. This could lead to trouble, and worse....ghosting. There's nothing more painful than someone you like opening your sexy snapchat photo and not responding to you...ouch!

So here's what I suggest, when you're out meeting new people and just so happen to get approached by someone who asks for your snapchat, how about giving them your number instead? Some things need to be kept more traditional, and this is one of them. Unless you've gone one a few dates, then by all means, give out your social media. Until then, I would suggest staying a little more low-key.

-Autumn C.

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