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Blog Post: Are Your Standards Too High?

Having high standards is something we all require when picking out a future partner. Some people's standards might involve a list of physical features while other people's standards might focus primarliy on personality or emotional stability. Regardless of what your standards may be, the real question is...How high is too high?

One of the problems that most people experience these days, is being able to find someone that perfectly matches their search criteria. What people don't realize is that they won't get anywhere if they aren't willing to give a little wiggle room when it comes to their list of standards. There's absolutely nothing wrong with setting standards that are non-negotiable. Examples may include not wanting to date someone who lives in a different state, or wanting to date someone that has the same religious beliefs than you. Or maybe even wanting to date someone that doesn't already have kids or has been married before. These are standards that seem reasonable. But there are certain superficial standards that could potentially lead to loneliness simply because they're just hard to find.

Let's go over some examples, shall we? Ladies, I completely understand your reasons for wanting to date someone who was blessed with height. This is an extremely common one that most women have, but some might be taking this height standard a little too far. If you're 5'2, why is it that you must date someone 6'2 and up? even if you were to wear 4 inch heels, do you realize that you would still be significantly shorter than your man? So, how about creating a little wiggle room and setting a different standard like dating someone at least 3-4 inches taller than you? This sounds a little more practical, and I think it's fair to say the taller women would appreciate the gesture of saving most of the tall ones for them, cause there's not very many left thanks to all you picky ones.

I bet the shorter guys are gonna LOVE me for helping them out on this one.

Now let's jump to the men, they can get a little superficial on us too... A common superficial standard most men have about women is body type. It's funny though, because most men don't even really care about body type as much as they say they do. But the problem with social media is that a certain body image is consistently being praised by men, which distorts how women feel they should look. Realistically speaking, 98% of women don't have the body of a super model or Kim Kardashian. This isn't a real statistic, but we all know that this body standard is hard to achieve and maybe even a bit unrealistic among the common female. Besides, what if this body type fades out in the near future and another type of image becomes more desirable? Ladies and gentlemen.... this always happens, so don't think that these beauty standards are gonna last forever.

I could think of a million more examples, but if your attention span is short, I'll save you the trouble. Like I said before, some standards are non-negotiable and don't settle for anything less than what you deserve. But remember to be realistic and to have more of an open mind. You definitely want to focus on dating someone that treats you with love and respect above anything else. Be open to dating a wider variety of people that you wouldn't have thought of dating before. The superficial type of person you picture in your head may not always be the best match for you. It's a new year, so open your heart and your mind and be open to newer experiences and newer people.

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