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Blog Post: 6 Inexpensive Gift Ideas for Valentines day!

Valentines Day has become more about buying expensive gifts than simply showing appreciation and love towards your significant other. Here are 6 Valentine's Day gift ideas that are inexpensive yet romantic.

1) Flowers

Flowers are a Valentine's Day classic. Sure, some flower arrangement's can be a bit pricey but local grocery stores like Ralph's, Vons, and even Trader Joe's have better deals on beautiful arrangements than most flower arrangement companies. It's okay to go above and beyond on flowers once in a while, but if you're trying to be romantic on a budget, stick to something simple. You can never go wrong with flowers!

2) Dinner for Two (at home)

Getting a dinner reservation on Valentine's Day can be chaotic and even impossible. Nothing beats a special dinner made for that special someone. Run to the grocery store and get some of your partner's favorite foods. Not only are you saving money by cooking at home, but you're also creating more time together by cooking side-by-side in the kitchen! Sounds like a win-win situation to me.

3) Personalized Gift Basket

Gift baskets have become one of the #1 DIY gifts meant for every occasion. What makes them special is how personalized they are for the individual and their interests! Remember, you don't have to stuff the basket with Swarovski crystals...That would be nice, but it's not necessary. Instead, you can load up the gift basket with popular items from or buy trinkets from any retailer near you that your Valentine will enjoy. The Pinterest app is a great source to get more ideas for this gift.

4) The V-DAY Trio: Chocolates, Teddy Bears, and Balloons

Some people may find this to be a child-like gift that high schoolers give each other when they don't have much money to spend on a gift, but that's the point! And I personally love this trio. The Valentine's Day Trio is the perfect combination for a day like this. Especially because it's a simple yet romantic gesture. Your valentine can fill up on delicious treats and add to their teddy bear collection!

5) Love Letter

A hand-written letter is definitely one of the most romantic and personal gestures anyone could ask for. Some people may find this a little cheesy, but who cares! You don't have to write a three page essay expressing your love and appreciation, but just write what comes to the heart and make it special. Ironically, this is the least expensive gift on this list, but it may just be the most romantic for Valentine's Day.

6) Customized Gifts

If you're looking for a website that sells customizable jewelry at a great price, I would recommend visiting My Little Necklace at

This website sells a variety of jewelry that you can customize and gift to someone for any occasion. They have well made jewelry, amazing sales, and fast shipping!

Another website I've used in the past is Minted. Minted is more of an arts and crafts website that can customize almost anything from calendars, pillows, portraits, puzzles etc. First time customers get an additional discount and you can sign up for monthly deals & promotions. Visit to browse for more!

Remember that Valentine's Day does not have to be too extravagant. There are plenty of other days out of the year to buy fancy gifts. So save some money and try out some of the suggestions mentioned above!

-Autumn C.

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